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A deserved rest

Memorize: Hebrews 4:9

There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

Read: Hebrews 3:7-19

When the Lord took Israel out of Egypt, He arranged for them a rest in the land of promise, a land that flowed with milk and honey; a land that depended on the dews of heaven to grow crops and for fertility; a land that was unrivaled. But, after having seen the wonders of God feeding them and keeping them healthy for forty years in the wilderness without having a need to sow, great unbelief or what you call a lack of faith in the Lord caused many of them to fall in the wilderness without coming to the preserved rest.

Today, many have received the good news but they operate in unbelief like the children of Israel. They are playing with danger. For those who have heard and have received the good news however, there is a promised rest. The world is full of troubles. Many dwelling in unbelief have yielded themselves to the pleasures of the world which lead to definite destruction in the end. While they so engage, those who believe in their God and hold on to Him, preserve themselves in purity abstaining from the pleasures of the world. It will amount to double jeopardy for such believers to forfeit the pleasures of the world and eventually not come into the promised rest.

Whether the world likes to believe it or not, there remains a rest to the people of God after their sojourn here on earth. Where they go, the Bible says there will be no night or day there; there is neither sun nor moon as the Lord Himself provides their light; the streets are said to be laid with gold; their tears will be wiped away forever; no more sorrow, sickness or death; no more poverty or lack. There they will be arrayed in special linen as the bride of the Lord. What a spectacle that will be. It commences with a banquet that will last for as long as seven eternity weeks. No anxieties, no hiding, no trouble, no vice of any kind. It will be a deserved rest earned from living right on the planet earth by doing the will of God. Have you yielded yourself unto God yet? If you are yet to do so, you are endangering your here and hereafter. God loves you. He is calling you to His rest. Why keep the Creator waiting?


Father, thank you for your promise of rest unto believers. Please help me to remain in faith till I meet with you so that I may never miss the rest in Jesus name.

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