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Allow The Holy Spirit (1)

Romans 8:11 - KJV

11. But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

John 14:19-26

There are various dispensations accounted for in scripture. The dispensation we are in now is that of the Holy Spirit. In this dispensation, it is by the Holy Spirit that in-filling one that he is able to achieve much in accordance with the purpose of God. The in-filling is however, made to happen only if we live in obedience to the word of God. When it happens, we are taught what to do by the Spirit that in dwells us, and reminded of what Christ taught us, by Him. One of the critical lessons we learnt of Christ is not to be vengeful and to be forgiving. Therein is love - (exemplified by turning the other cheek when slapped). It is that the slapper may have been deceived of the enemy, but when we react with love instead of vengeance, then are we like our father in Heaven. When we pay evil for evil, then are we not different from the people of the world who do not obey the Lord and therefore do not have the Holy Spirit. Using the jawbone of an ass to kill a thousand happened during the dispensation of the hirelings. When the good Shepherd came, who is Jesus Christ, He did not commend us to do the same. He rather introduced us to love. If we refuse to live in love, then are we not in-dwelled by the Holy Spirit but another. Recall what Christ told James and John when they sought His permission to call down fire to roast dissenters: they did not know the spirit that dwelled in them. The Holy Spirit is not a spirit of destruction but of life.

We can surely have a better life on earth if we will allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in all things. Quickening our mortal bodies includes our minds, intellect and everything that pertains to us. You want your health, well-being, finances etc. quickened, then allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in you and like He raised the Christ from the dead, He will quicken your mortal body too and you start to live an extra ordinary life therefrom.

SOLUTION: To carry the Holy Spirit on your inside, you must surrender to the One sending Him by obeying the commands of God. He cannot team up with renegades but only those who obey the Lord. Happy New Month!

Father, thank you for giving us the benefit of having the Holy Spirit to guide us at all times. Please help us to obey you always so that the same Spirit of yours may dwell in us in Jesus’ name. From now on, let your Spirit quicken our mortal bodies that we may serve you better with the vigor we receive in Jesus’ name. In this new month, help us to overtake our enemies by your Spirit in Jesus’ name.

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