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Alpha And Omega

Focus: Revelation 22:13 - KJV

13. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

Revelations 22:10-16

God introduced Himself to Moses as the I am. The I am is the beginning and the ending. Meaning that there is nothing that is that did not take its beginning from the Alpha Himself. And there is nothing that will end without the Omega being in the know. It is the beginning of another month. May the Alpha and Omega keep us all to the very end and beyond in Jesus’ name. Between the beginning and the end is a span. That belongs to the creature. What we do with the span we have determines how the ending shall be. Some, though born sinners and operate initially in evil, later in life they adjust and live gloriously to the end pleasing the Omega. Check the story of brother Paul. Some others just run their lives as evil candidates through and through without countenancing God and His laws. They end up not pleasing the Omega and badly too. These are those with opportunity to repent but never do until death catches up with them. There are yet those who translated from evil to good but eventually dropped back to evil again and died in it. That is a pitiable situation. Christ is this I am and He was from the beginning being the Alpha, and will be at the end, being the Omega. He sent a message to us to continue in our deeds: those who are operating in evil, let them continue; if yours is good, please do it on, for the reward is coming from the Omega, in the end.

Beloved, please don’t let the Omega return to find you engaging in evil. Let it not be said of you that you have returned to your vomit for that is the way of the dogs and they are definitely outside and not of the Kingdom. Whatever it takes for you to operate in holiness and obedience to the laws of God, please do from today. The time frame between your beginning and your ending is closing up by the day. What account are you going to render unto your God when the ending comes? Don’t let the ending meet you in filth. Turn around quickly for the Lord says He comes quickly. Hearken, please.

SOLUTION: Check your position as of today: are you in the light or operating in darkness? God is keen on taking you over for Himself. But the time we have is very limited. Therefore, for the account of your good works to be full of credit, we ask that you just keep loading your heaven with it henceforth. No more room for darkness. The Lord is at hand.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega, may the grace for good works like Christ did and greater works also, rest on you from today. May the Almighty God Himself hold you up to the very end in Jesus’ name. Every attraction to evil and the works thereof are cut off from you from now in Jesus’ name. You will end well and strong in Jesus’ name. Welcome to the month of a glorious new beginning. Happy New Month.

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