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Attempting to serve God and Mammon?

Focus: Matthew 6:24 - KJV

24. No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Luke 18:18-25

Our God is a wealthy God. Part of His wealth is the whole earth and the fullness thereof. And because He is a loving father, He purposes that we may prosper and be in health but to the extent of the prosperity of our souls. The prosperity of the soul has to do with the extent of the knowledge and the purpose of God for one’s life. For when prosperity comes without the soul prospering, the tendency is for man to shift focus to the material prosperity and lose focus of God and eternity which has to do with the soul. So, it is possible to be so morally sound in keeping all the laws as propounded but still not be fit for the kingdom because of the love of money. Money is good. But when we love money to the extent of not loving God or our neighbors, it becomes an idol called Mammon. Once Mammon is at work in any life, then it becomes difficult for the same to part with money. Not even for the purpose of God. To the said person, money takes priority over any other thought. The certain ruler in the bible reading is our example. For all intents and purposes, nothing should forestall him from the kingdom. Like Cornelius, he was a “good” man. But he lacked Christ. When Christ offered Himself to him, his possessions became a hinderance. For this consideration, it is true that many lack Christ because of money or possession. They love Mammon other than God.

Dearly beloved, there is nothing we brought into this world and there is nothing we are permitted to take out. Even the clothing that is used in covering a corpse will decay and return to the earth just like the corpse itself. Why then will anyone want to pride possessions more than his eternity? For what shall it profit anyone to gain all the possessions in the world and forfeit his soul? Please yield your possession to God by supporting His Kingdom affairs and taking good care of the needy around you.

SOLUTION: Live each day as it comes. God provides our daily bread. Stop storing up more than necessary; like manna, the leftover rots and stinks. The provider is never tired to provide the more. Take no thought about tomorrow. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

I pray with you that the One who owns all things will provide for all your needs in Jesus’ name. But the grace to recognize the Provider and revere Him more than the provision, He will release upon you in Jesus’ name. Every attempt by the enemy to send any of our souls into perdition through Mammon is destroyed today in Jesus’ name.

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