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Avoid wickedness

Memorize: Proverbs 4:14-15

14 Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. 15 Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away.

Read: Numbers 22:1-12

To be wicked is to be evil or morally bad in principle or practice. In simple term, to be wicked is to be sinful, destructive and lacking anything called love or care. Beloved, wickedness is real. It is true that it is only a mad person that does a thing without having a reason for it. For instance, at times, the wickedness of the other person towards you may be engendered from an action which you never even thought of: as minute as stepping on someone’s toes in a bus. The person may assume you did it in pride whereas you did it unknowingly and wicked retaliations may ensue from there. It is also true that you need not have offended someone before the fellow decides to be wicked to you. Instances are people recruited to hurt others; those who just take you as a threat to their rising; those who are just envious of your well-being etc.

No matter the mode, wickedness is a product of darkness and inspired by the devil. The preaching of John the Baptist was against Herod, albeit in the case of Herodias. But Herodias decided to show him wickedness; Balak sought to destroy Israel and knew he could not but consulted Balaam to aid him. It’s all share wickedness. Where do you belong? In any of the cases, God frowns at wickedness and enjoins us not to join the path of the wicked. Wickedness is evil. We are to avoid it like a plague. Anyone that decides not to avoid it turns himself to the enemy of the Righteous One, at whose name such fellow’s knees would bow in his wickedness. Yes, all knees should bow.

But when the knees of the wicked bow, it is calamitous to him. Ask Balaam! He was to be destroyed but for the love of God and the opening of the eyes and tongue of his donkey. Saul died in ignominy because of his wickedness towards David. Stop right in your tracks now if by chance you are pursuing any wicked way. The end of it is destruction. Incidentally, the one to whom your act is directed may receive the mercy of God like David and eventually tread you under feet. Please eschew wickedness, now.


Dear Lord, I know that the enemy is always trying to sow wickedness and evil in the hearts of men; but because I belong to you, please keep my heart sealed with the blood of Jesus against every attempt of the devil at it in Jesus name.

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