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Be careful with your words

Key verse: Proverbs 17:27

He that hath knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit.

Read: Numbers 14:20-28

Words are powerful, and they are the source of ensnaring many. The mind of God towards us is for good and not evil that we may come to an expected end. But, on the flip side, it is the mind of the enemy that we encounter evil. That is why Christ said in the world we shall face tribulations. Our solace is in the fact that He already got victory over the world for us through His death and resurrection. Although the Lord has the capacity to hear our words when they are mere thoughts, the enemy lacks such capacity. So, from our thoughts, that is, as we spare our words, God hears us and before we ask, He answers. But the enemy waits for us to put thoughts into words before he ensnares. Incidentally, all power belongs to God. The devil cannot affect anyone except the Lord is not in the affairs of the same. For everyone that holds on to God, there is a hedge of protection against the enemy. The only way the hedge is broken is when the fellow makes a choice to lean against God, or, like in the situation of Job, for him to be tested regarding his faith.

The easiest way to cause a man of faith to lose his hedge is to have him sin against God. Balaam counseled Balak to put stumbling block before Israel that they may offend God. That was the time Israel was smitten and not before. An easy way to sin against God is through reckless talk. It is with the words that the accuser of the brethren stands against the prosperity of the ‘just’. The children of Israel had enjoyed the largesse of God at least ten times and had proven Him to be God. Yet, they spoke ill about Him to diminish Him in their own sight. And since God is the I am that I am, what they said to His hearing that He could not do was what the accuser echoed in His hearing to ensnare them. They fell in the wilderness without reaching the desired destination. They lacked knowledge of the operations of the devil. But Caleb and Joshua understood the fact that God is the Almighty and that nothing is difficult for Him to do. Though they saw the size of the people of the espied land, they did not deny God with their mouths. Concentrate on Joshua. His thoughts would not make him affirm the position of Caleb instantly. But he was careful not to use his mouth recklessly. He was spared in the end when he spoke with understanding and was counted with Caleb to be of excellent spirit. Beloved, watch what you say. The enemy seeks to ensnare you by it. He will never succeed in Jesus name.

Pray: Father, grant me wisdom to withhold my words when necessary in Jesus name.

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