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Be purged of wickedness

Text: Psalms 139:23-24

23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: 24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Read: Luke 22:25-35

Innate in every un-regenerated man is wickedness. No matter how good or beautiful your actions may appear, the enemy, being more experienced than you are is able to, through his wiles and devices, input in you wicked thoughts that lead eventually to wicked acts. Cornelius was acclaimed to be a good man giving alms to the poor and doing many things that was acclaimed right. But God found that he still had need of a preacher to lead him unto righteousness. So, what was amiss? Salvation. It is through salvation and embracing the Holy Spirit that one begins to be set free from wickedness.

It is by being like Christ in all our doings: being servant leaders and not turning aside from God and godliness during trials, that guarantee one of freedom from wickedness. More importantly, the psalmist recognized that there is a need for a purging from wickedness for there to be a leading in the way everlasting. The way everlasting is the way that leads to eternity in Christ. It does not matter that you have been with Christ from the beginning of your life to the end thereof. Unless, the Lord purges you and puts you in the way everlasting, there is no way you can measure up. Ask Peter. He belonged to the team of the Lord’s confidants and he can rightly be called the chief thereof. When the chips were down, he assumed too much that he can undo the wickedness in him through his own power. Christ declared to him what would have befallen him had Christ not prayed for him. Yet, he was boastful that he could carry himself through. Then it was made known to him that he would soon be in denial and so it was.

Beloved, are you also denying Christ in some way by your activities? Whatever you do that portends a lie is done in denial of Christ. Falsifying records, doing things that Christ will not approve are done in denial of Him. What are you into? Let’s shock you a bit: do you ever imagine that dying your hair to suggest to the world that you are not going grey yet, is a lie and done in denial of Christ? It is, simply put, making a lie. There is no lie in Him. For you to be in the way everlasting, you need to be purged of the wickedness in you and like the psalmist, you need to present yourself to the one who can effectively purge you of it. Go to God in prayer over this today, and He will purge you.

Pray: Father, I know cannot be completely free from wickedness unless you help me. Like you helped Peter, please help and purge me today in Jesus name.

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