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Be resolute

Memorize: Galatians 5:25

If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

Read: Acts 5:1-11

Blessed be the name of our God who has deemed it fit to permit us to see yet another year. The year 2021 shall be to every user of this Guide a very rewarding spiritual year in Jesus name. As a gain on the walk we had in the year 2020, the Lord particularly wants us to resolve this year whether we want to live by Him or not. It is when we live absolutely by Him that we get the full benefit of the kingdom.

Lives that are lived on the fence are so badly colored that no one is able to say particularly where they belong. In our reading, a couple decided to live by the commonwealth of the disciples of Christ. Yet they held back so as to do as they pleased outside the commonwealth. There was no defense mechanism to save them when calamity came since they were neither here nor there. If you resolve to be on the side of the Lord this year, please stay put. Whenever the enemy comes, the Lord will recognize you and raise a scepter for your sake and you will prevail.

Those who refuse to be firm will have themselves to blame in the end when they check the inventory of their lives. As the rapture draws nearer, the enemy becomes fiercer in his activities against the saints. The easy targets are those who are not fully resolved so that he makes them prey to prevent them from fully being part of the fold. Wouldn’t you rather be on the side of the Lord and enjoy the full benefit of the Kingdom?

It is rather hypocritical to claim to live in the Spirit and be manifesting the things of the flesh. If indeed you live in the Spirit, then walk also in the Spirit so that your walk, which is glaring to all may convince others about the sweetness of living in the Spirit. Don’t be a conveyor of people to hell in this new year. The consequence of that is worse for any who is expected to know better, having lived in the Spirit. Please don’t be like Ananias and his wife. Remain resolute.


Father, I thank you for bringing me into the year 2021 by your mercy. Please let your mercy sustain me in you and give me the courage to remain so resolute never to deflect, in Jesus name.

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