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Benchmark of Christianity

Focus: Romans 12:11-12 - KJV

11. Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord; 12. Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;

Romans 12:9-21

Certain ethos make the Christian to stand out among men. A Christian is so called because he professes to be like Christ. Anyone who is Christ-like ought to possess the traits of Christ. It is not enough to be called or to respond to being called a Christian. The traits of being one ought to be found in one, when checked. To Christ, business of God must be done timeously for the night comes when no man can work. The Christian ought also to be patient in tribulation and not be such a person that is drawn easily to anger or wrath. He is to spend his life serving the Lord and not do things for the approval of men but as unto the Lord. When he does this, he wins many more over unto the Lord by his personality and not necessarily by his words of evangelism. Those who do otherwise only pay lip-service to being of God as their hearts are far from Him. Unfortunately, those who are genuine in their faith are so few and therefore, many people have little regard for those who are called Christians not to talk of wanting to be like them. Why should they? When what they see does not offer special traits and virtues worthy of emulation, why would they want to copy hypocrisy?

Are you a Christian or living in pretense? The reason people are not so keen on going with you to your Church is perhaps because there is nothing in you that they have found attractive and worthy of emulation. Have you been in a place and people, because of you, have ceased from their sinful ways or having discussions around it? Then, it means they have found the ethics of Christianity in you. Never allow your life to dispel people from your Christ. Rather let it be the Gospel that brings many to the body of Christ.

SOLUTION: Be determined to please God by being like Christ. Whatever Christ did not or would not do, please abstain completely from doing the same. Whatever is of love (agape), please do for that is the mind of God concerning you. To succeed in this, you need to be prayerful indeed. It is by your prayers that you commune with God, truly.

May your life be a magnet to attract others unto righteousness in Christ from now on in the name of Jesus Christ. May the Lord cloak you with righteousness and change you into a bright light on earth for all eyes to see and be illuminated thereby in Jesus’ name.

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