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Call On God Always

Focus: Psalms 55:16-17 - KJV

16. As for me, I will call upon God; and the LORD shall save me. 17. Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice.

Psalms 18:3

Those who call upon the Lord in righteousness have Him close by. When they do so always, they have Him close by, always. It is true that God is awesome and the most powerful being that is. It is equally true that He is not comparable to any man. Nonetheless, in His class and exalted position, He loves man so much that He loves to fellowship with man. Such fellowship though, must be with a regenerated man who abhors sin. Hence, God by Himself has given man a clear room to call upon Him particularly in the days of trouble. With man, every time is the day of trouble. There is for him an enemy who is always on the prowl seeking to devour the man. Incidentally, this enemy is not visible to man. So, if the enemy finds a slight opportunity, he goes ahead to devour. But wherever God is present or in operation, the enemy sights a wall of fire and is thereby prevented from going near. What calling upon God does for man is to build that wall of fire because of the presence of God. A wise man therefore who does not want to be devoured, will make sure he calls on God every moment so just that His presence may never depart. This is what David described by saying he called on God evening, morning and noon. There is rest for people who do so.

The rush that prevents us from taking time to call on God may just be a device of the enemy to lure us away from the cover of our lover. If you didn’t have time to call on God this morning, please stop wherever you are now and do the calling. The enemy is always vigilant, looking for an opening. Why not create for yourself some schedule that enables you call on God always to forestall the attack of the enemy.

SOLUTION: Call upon the Lord every moment of the day. By doing so, He gets used to your voice and very soon you will get accustomed to His. Those who hear from Him have no two heads. You can too if you do what they do. Call on Him ceaselessly.

As you call upon the Lord from this moment, you will receive answers in Jesus’ name. No devil will be able to come near you or any of your loved ones in Jesus’ name. The power in the name of Jesus shall work for your ransom always in Jesus’ name. Call on Him.

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