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Christ’s Endless Love

Focus: John 13:1 – KJV

1.Now before the feast of the passover, when Jesus knew that his hour was come that he should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end.

John 13:1-11

Christ knows that except we be cleansed, we shall not excel on earth and neither can we get into the Kingdom of God. He came for that purpose to bear our sins that we may be cleansed and receive access to the Kingdom. He showed us how there is no greater love than for a friend to lay down his life for his friends. So, symbolically, He decided to wash the feet of His disciples. Like many do today, refusing to allow Christ wash their feet for cleansing, Peter almost lost out by refusing to be cleansed. Ironically however, even though Christ washed the feet of Judas Iscariot, he was not cleansed because the devil had sown a lie into him that he should betray the Lord. Even now, there are many who claim to be born again and washed of the Lord but are not cleansed. It is one thing to be washed it is another to remain impure and retain the stench of wickedness by denying the Christ. Denial comes in different forms. A simple lie is a denial of Christ. Ask Peter. If he had not been cleansed by the washing he would have ended up in perdition. Christ loves us till today. Though He has gone into heaven, He keeps washing the feet of those who come to Him that they may be cleansed. But being cleansed depends on the individual. The Master has done His bit.

Dearly beloved, what is the essence of the life that we live if we end it all in perdition? When Judas realized his filth, it was too late to seek a fresh washing of his feet. Denying the Christ is a very terrible trap laid down by the enemy for the believer. Never allow yourself to fall into such trap. Stand firm to proclaim the Christ, no matter what you are passing through. When we deny Him on earth, He is left with no choice than to also deny the one that denies Him, in heaven before the hosts. Stand your ground today and let God be God in your life to the end.

SOLUTION: Situation and circumstances may devastate but it will come to pass. Denying Christ may be without a remedy. If you will stand firmly in faith, the Lord will see you through.

The Lord will give you overwhelming joy by the reason of His love for you in Jesus’ name. From this day, no devil will be able to take over your mind like he took over that of Judas in Jesus’ name. As the Lord has washed your feet, it shall be clean and remain so till you meet with Him in glory in Jesus’ name. The Lord will never have the reason to deny you in His Kingdom, in Jesus’ mighty name.

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