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Christ’s full and final offering

Focus: Hebrews 9:28 - KJV

28. So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.

Hebrews 9:23-28

In almost every human society, there is consciousness of the existence of a Supreme Being. This emanated from the same being we all came out of: Noah. In most of the societies, people do not have the true and exact understanding of the person of God. Nonetheless, God does not change and to understand Him is to know Him. The lack of adequate knowledge of His person continued to get worse from generation to generation by the wrong interpretation of His being and word unto latter generations. Nonetheless, there appears to be a near common position: blood sacrifice is key to be pleasing to God. This phenomenon is not correct in its absolute terms. When God asked for a sacrifice for example in Egypt, He was putting in place an example of what He was wont to do to save man. Israel through Moses, interpreted it to mean without sacrificing animals, sin cannot be cleansed. Meanwhile, no animal blood can cleanse the filth of sin.

The Lord eventually presented to us the blood that takes sin away and shed it for our sakes, once and for all. By that sacrifice, everyone that looks for Him shall live without sin and He will appear to them in the end a second time unto their ultimate salvation. Unfortunately, many are refusing to understand the full import of this sacrifice. They still go about with the traditions of men which is a total misrepresentation of the mind of God, by continuing with the worthless animal sacrifice despite the sacrifice of Christ. These ones are not part of those who seek the Christ and therefore they still live their lives with sin overwhelmingly. Ironically, every man has an appointment with death. When it happens, unless a man never heard the gospel preached, the same will be judged by the same standard of God. It is important we start seeking Christ from now if we have not been doing so, such that when He appears again, He will meet us blameless and without sin.

I pray with you that the death and resurrection of Christ for your sake will never be in vain over your life in Jesus name. No matter how hard the enemy tries, you shall make it to the end in Jesus name. You will never be lost in the deception that pervades the earth in Jesus name. God bless you. Please be prepared.

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