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Christ’s Relatives

Focus: Luke 8:21 - KJV

21. And he answered and said unto them, My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it.

Luke 8:19-21

Christ came into the world as the Son of God to raise other sons unto God. That is why scripture says, as many as believe him, to them gave he power to become sons of God. Christ demonstrated and taught us the characters of those who will be made sons of the kingdom. Paramount amongst those characters or criteria is hearing and doing the word of God. Many people do hear and even teach the word of God but they have a problem with doing what they teach. Christ described them as hypocrites. To these ones he said they would call him in the critical time when they should inherit the Kingdom but He would say to them “I know you not O you workers of iniquity”. Those cannot be regarded as Christ’s brethren and mother. Some assume Christ was detaching Himself from His biological lines by this scripture. Thank God that His mom and brothers were of those who heard and did the word of God. Christ was actually out to raise a spiritual family and He did. It is by this deed that many of us today belong to the household of faith, the Kingdom of Light and of our God. This is why we can now boldly approach God and call Him Daddy.

If you also must enjoy relationship with God so as to be called His child and subsequently His son (or daughter if you like) in the similitude of the Christ, then you need to start learning the word of God the more and ensure to do that which you have found in the word. It is disobedient, which is the same thing as rebellion, not to do the dictates of the Word of God as found.

SOLUTION: Create time for the study of the word of God out of your daily schedule. Don’t be too busy for the word. Such busy-ness is devised to draw you away from God. Obey the Lord by doing His word all the time. Never deviate from its path ever.

I pray with you today that the Lord will make Himself available to teach you of Himself as you strive to learn about Him from now in Jesus’ name. The Lord will make you to excel and be acceptable unto Himself in your life doings in Jesus’ name. The light in the word of God shall illuminate your path in life to give you good success in the mighty name of Jesus. Please shine the light

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