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Consider Your Ways

Focus: Haggai 1:7 - KJV

7. Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Consider your ways.

Haggai 1:2-11

There is nothing we have that is not given to us by God. Indeed, all things belong to God. If He be hungry, He does not need our intervention to feed, neither does He require our permission to take what we have. We often treat Him shabbily in our relating with Him. Even though He dwells not in houses built with man’s hands, when men decide to build for Him, in a manner of speaking, we proceed to build (that is if we do) something that is not befitting for human governors and that we cannot use for ourselves. When we treat God with dishonor, He removes Himself from our affairs and there are repercussions for such. If we love God, we ought to honor Him fully.

Let us recall the case of the rich young fool in this matter. He thought he had it all and was going to settle down to enjoy what he called his wealth, but that night that he took the thought, he lost his life and by extension everything he called his. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. Never should any man assume he owns anything. If we then do not own anything, howbeit that we hold on to things as if we do own them, without the thought of God? This is why the Lord enjoins us to consider our ways. For if we refuse to consider our ways, we by our deeds, in depriving God honor from the things He bestows on us, shut the heavens against ourselves thinking we have control whereas we miss much blessing thereby.

Friends, the time to turn to God with all our resources is now. Perhaps the reason that darkness is overwhelming us and bringing draught and significant hardship is because of our stingy attitude towards God and godly affairs. David decided to build a house for God and provided funding and materials for the same even though God rejected his offer. In the end, his name was preserved on the throne forever. His son Solomon, eventually built for the Lord, lavishing some wealth on the building and God who doesn’t dwell in houses built with hand, agreed to stamp His name and authority there for answers to prayers even for many more generations after Solomon. If we also would release our resources in honoring God, then will He honor us in return like He did to others before us.

SOLUTION: Be generous towards anything that pertains to God. Stop building up wealth without the consideration of God. Give towards God’s affairs from time to time. Once He is honored of you, He honors you in return. Stop the miserly strides by having a rethink about it.

Please pray thus: Father, I know my ways before you are not perfect yet. Do please help me to conform to your will for the rest of my life in Jesus’ name. Every time the enemy throws his darts of deceit my way, do help me to overcome his wiles in Jesus’ name. Do make this day a g

lorious day for me that my joy be full in it, in the mighty name of Jesus.

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Idaresit Eduese
Idaresit Eduese
Mar 09, 2023


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