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Don’t be wicked

Key verse: Proverbs 15:29

The LORD is far from the wicked: but he heareth the prayer of the righteous.

Isaiah 57:15-21

Everything that man has positively is from God. Anyone that fails to acknowledge God in his thoughts, words and actions is considered proud and therefore wicked. Such a being make the efforts of God over his being vain and calls God a fool for creating him, fending for him, watching over him, investing in him through the ministry of others and coming in the flesh to save him from the doom that comes from sin. There are others who, though they recognize the preeminence of God, they constantly fall into error in romancing through sin, the enemy of their Husband and God. While they so go on their frolic, the Lord turns His face away from them and they suffer in the hands of their new-found love, Satan, for a while, for as long as the Lord is annoyed with them for their action. But the Lord is full of mercy and is quick to restore them once they retrace their steps.

However, those that are wicked are never repentant and therefore are like troubled sea who lack peace. Consider king Saul: when he was told that he had sinned against God, he sounded remorseful with his mouth but his heart was with pleasing men rather than God, forgetting that every sin that man commits is against God. Because he did not really repent, he became deranged and acted untowardly before his subjects. That is the effect of wickedness. But David also erred a few times. Anytime he erred and noticed that he was distanced from his God, he was quick to show remorse at least to the level of his understanding at the time and God did restore him.

Beloved, we all do err from time to time against the Lord our Love. It is also true that whenever we so err, we may suffer a bit for being distant from Him. But anytime we regain our senses and return to Him, He spreads His arms to receive us. It does not matter what you had done; what is key is your genuine repentance. Once you so repent, He will receive you. Refusal to repent is where danger lies for it is a beckon to turmoil and lack of peace. It is that lack of thought and consideration that the Lord takes as wickedness. Avoid it please. Are you able to stand by and see your enemy caressing your spouse? That is what we make God do every time we dabble into sin. Refusing to come out of it seeing your spouse is watching is the greatest act of wickedness. Turn around NOW!

Pray: Help me dear Lord never to dabble into wickedness ever in Jesus name.

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