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Don’t look back

Text: Luke 9:62

And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

Bible Reading:

Genesis 19:17-26


The Kingdom of God is God’s route to man for escape from calamity embedded in the world. The world is full of abominations and terrible things. It passes away with the lust thereof. Only those who are wise accept the saving grace afforded us by God. Unfortunately, many are so consumed in the lust found in the world that even though they are shown the way into the kingdom, they refuse to take it. Some others step into the way for a while and suddenly they look back to be consumed in their lust. Everyone who is not able to leave the past in the past that it belongs put himself in the danger of destruction. Ask Lot’s wife in our bible reading. It appears auspicious to some to step into the kingdom and be in hot relationship with the world. Because they don’t see immediate physical repercussion, they don’t seem to appreciate the gravity of their deeds. Truth is they are going to be judged like Lot’s wife. Everyone that is lukewarm - neither hot nor cold - nauseates God and He asserts spitting them out. How much more those who step in and go back to the world. What do you think you are doing returning to those vices you renounced for Christ? What are you doing with those things that portray you as not being Christ-like? They have the tendency of excluding one from the kingdom which is God’s provision of escape from destruction. Flee while you still can. That which appears pleasurable in the world is nothing but poison. It may not start biting immediately but in due time it kills. Escape from death right now and stick to life. God is bidding you “come out of their midst”. Indeed He is dragging you by the hand. Yield to Him today.


Father, as I hold on to your pillar, do help me not to let go. Help me to be committed to you till and see you in glory and reign with you in Jesus name.

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