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Excellent name

Memorize: Psalms 8:9

O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!

Read: Philippians 2:5-11

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, it gives safety to the righteous. His name is powerful, at the mention of it, all knees should bow in all the realms. That is the wonder in the name of the Lord. His name is awesome. Prior to the coming of Christ, men invoked the name of God as they knew it and God responded to them. But once Christ came, for a consolidation of all power in heaven and on earth, Jesus Christ was given a name that is above every other name such that from thence on, it is the name of Jesus Christ that brings wonders.

Testimonies abound in all generation after His resurrection, of the wonders the name has wroth. It was the name that raised the lame at the beautiful gate. It is the name that has been used for several miracles by the emissaries of God since then. It works in dreams where men had been rescued from calamity at the mention of the name. It works in real life in the deliverance of the oppressed or possessed. At one time, a drunk security personnel wielding arms and threatening fire and brimstone was disarmed just by mentioning the name of Jesus under the breath of a Pastor. Before Christ came, just in a bid not to call God wrongly, Elisha said where now is the Lord God of Elijah and he got an answer. Nowadays, some pray using the name of attested people of God and they receive their miracles. For instance, it is possible to pray and say ‘the Lord God of ABC please come to my aid in the name of Jesus’ and you receive an answer just like Elisha.

As this is true for Elijah and others, if only you will shore up your faith performing miracles signs and wonders in the name of Jesus Christ, very soon, people will pray to your God with your name boldly mentioned and receive their miracles, of course in Jesus name.

All in all, it is the name of Jesus that conquers Satan. If anyone promotes you to using your name to pray, it cannot supplant the name of Jesus else it will be ineffective. It is good that God takes you to the place of relevance, it is however important to know that the real fire power is in the name of Jesus. May God promote you in Jesus name.

Pray: My Father and my God, help me to become relevant in the prayers of men for many generations in the name of Jesus. Let my life start to show signs and wonders for all to see in Jesus name.

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