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Exhort one another

Memorize: Hebrews 10:24

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:

Read: Hebrews 10:16-25

Two is better than one is the counsel of the wise preacher. Iron sharpens iron. The Lord makes provisions for the spiritual wellness of every of His children. These are they whose sins have been remitted in whose hearts the law of God is inscribed. The Lord has given them easy access unto Himself by the piercing of the veil which is the body of Christ broken for us. He enjoins us to draw nearer unto Himself with our hearts pure and devoid of evil conscience. More than anything else, He enjoins us to consider one another to provoke unto love and good works.

When a Christian knows of the existence of another around him, it is difficult for him to yield to the wiles and devices of the enemy knowing that his colleague in the faith was around. And where he is so weak to want to yield to the enemy, the observing colleague who is a lover of God, is expected to be available to prevent his fall through counsel in love and some prompting by the help of the Holy Spirit. Many would not have fallen into the sin of immorality if they were not alone with that “Delilah”. Others would not have yielded to the occult if they had fellowship of the other brethren and not left alone to go it by themselves. So, God enjoins us not to forsake the fellowship of one another.

The truth is one chases a thousand but two put ten thousand to flight. The strength of the one is insignificant when compared with more. It is therefore important as a follower of Christ to curry the fellowship of like-minds so that iron can sharpen iron. What is it that the enemy is throwing at you now? Don’t stay silent about it. Relate with other believers regarding it. No, it is not a secret. You are yet to yield. Seek counsel from others who are to your mind senior to you in the faith and the Lord will sustain you through them. Don’t expose yourself to the attack of the enemy. Get support from the brethren.


Father, I know I cannot go the whole hug alone. Please send to me destiny helpers with whom I can fellowship to stay strong in you in Jesus name.

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