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Fear God and He will hear your cry

Text: Psalms 145:18 - 19

The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth. 19 He will fulfil the desire of them that fear him: he also will hear their cry, and will save them.

Bible Reading:

Acts 19:13-16


As powerful as our God is and present at the genuine cry and call of those who fear Him, He is not available to the tantrums of deceivers and hypocritical mockers who currently glaze the face of the earth pretending to be serving the Lord. God cannot be mocked. He knows the heart of every man. You cannot deceive Him with your pretentious acts. In Genesis chapter 4, Cain was the first to purpose in his heart to give a sacrifice unto God but that heart was filthy in that he purposed to taunt God with the accursed fruit of the ground, practically thorns and thistles thereby deliberately putting the blame of his sweat without yield at the doorstep of God. Of course, God rejected him and his offering. What is your lip offering to God my friend? Are you one of those who only pay lip service to the supremacy of God but have another god in an image, mammon or any other being including your spouse, children or belongings? What’s that thing you prioritize above God? It makes your call on God lip service and untruthful. It is only those who call on Him in truth that He is nigh unto. Why don’t you get serious about your relationship with God from today? Why not give Him the pride of place in your heart and start noticing the difference? Cain became a fugitive and begged for his life. You can live a better life if only you will live in total submission and in awe of Him who gives you life. Rest assured: anytime you call on Him from now, He will answer.

Prayer Guide:

Father help me to live in awe of you for the rest of my life that I may experience your constant presence in the name of Jesus Christ.

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1 Comment

Daniel Matti
Daniel Matti
Sep 17, 2020

Hello pastor, how are you, family and ministry.

God bless you for the short message.

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