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Flourishing Tabernacle

Focus: Proverbs 14:11 - KJV

11. The house of the wicked shall be overthrown: but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish.

Joshua 7:10-26

A tabernacle is, in a sense, a dwelling place. Israel, in their journey from Egypt to the promised land had need to stay in some spots for a fairly long time before moving on. For minimal comfort, they had to put up per family, a form of dwelling albeit in temporary form which they pulled down when it was time to move on. This idea they were all used to and now, the wise man says the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish. It follows that for everyone that is upright in values and virtue, will have flourishing in his home. On the converse however, if a person be wicked, the house of the same shall be overthrown. The concise example of this in scripture is the case of Achan. By considering only his own selfish gain, Achan caused Israel, a whole nation to lose in battle. In the end, his entire family was wiped out. The Israelis actually went into his tabernacle and wiped it clean of life. His house was overthrown.

There is a devil that is constantly deceiving people to be self-centered at the expense of their neighbors whom the Lord says they should love as themselves. The unfortunate thing is that that same devil will never tell them that the end of that route is destruction. But we all have the Lord’s warning to stare clear of wickedness. It is wicked to be selfish no matter how you view it. If we will endeavor to be upright in all our doings, we are sure to flourish from now on. Therefore, in this new month, let’s strive to be clearly upright.

SOLUTION: The choice to flourish is to be upright in life. Run from wickedness in all its ramification.

The Lord will make this the best of months so far in this year in Jesus’ name. He will never allow us to be misled from righteousness in Jesus’ name. He will overlook our past mistakes and not allow hour houses to be overthrown in Jesus’ name. Flourishing is our portion from now in Jesus mighty name. Welcome to flourishing. Happy New Month!

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