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Focus: Matthew 6:14-15 - KJV

14. For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: 15. But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Matthew 18:23-35

One of the greatest impediments to the Christian journey in life is unforgiveness. To forgive is to stop feeling angry or resentful towards someone for an offense, flaw or mistake. Each day, we as individuals, offend God in many ways. Although Christ died for our sins so that we may live life devoid of sin, but even after we are forgiven our sin, we still keep offending God by not acting strictly within the parameters of His word. When such happens, except for sins unto death, when we call on God for mercy and forgiveness, He forgives and let go of His wrath. Upon forgiving us so large offenses that we commit against Him, it is absurd to think that we fail to forgive those who only offend us in minor things. When such happens, God is reminded of our offenses that He had let go on. Bitterness is a work of the flesh. The standard of God is love and to love is to forgive those who trespass against you for love covers a multitude of sin. God is not just asking that we forgive our offenders alone, He actually demands that if we find that someone has a hurt against us, we should make haste to settle with the fellow, how much more those whom we have hurt against. To refuse to forgive trespass is therefore a non-starter with God.

The main thing is, if we realize that if God was to mark our iniquities, then none can stand, we will be glad to forgive those who offend us in smaller matters than to be made to answer to God for the offenses we committed against Him in the end. Refusal to forgive pitches us against God and therefore hinders our prayers. The person we refuse to forgive may be the beloved of God. As we refuse to let go, we are equally holding God to account in the matter. The earlier we act in this the better for us as we may actually be the one impeding our own progress by being annoyed with God and His choice person.

SOLUTION: Forgive everyone who may have offended you in one way or the other no matter the pain they put you through. Never seek to avenge any trespass, rather let God be God in all your affairs.

I pray that the power of God to forgive rests upon you and I from now on in Jesus name. May we never begrudge anyone for offense any more in the name of Jesus. May Christ be glorified in all our actions in Jesus name. Be of good cheer, the sinner will not go unpunished but don’t be the punisher.

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