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Friendship of the World

Focus: James 4:4 - KJV

4. Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

John 4:4-8

The world is passing on with the lusts in it. But they that know their God will live for Him by humbling themselves to Him in love. There is no way a man or servant can serve two masters. He will rather love the one and hate the other. What we do or show love for determines who we serve. If we are constant in worldly affairs and the lusts therein, apart from the physical whoring that we do in adultery, we operate in whoredom by romancing the Lord’s enemy who is the ruler in the world. For as long as we retain the friendship of the Man of the world, we cannot be in love with God for the friendship of the world is a choice and it tantamount to enmity with God. Judas Iscariot pretended to love God through Christ Jesus. Meanwhile he was in love with Mammon. Before long, his enmity with God showed and because he could not humble himself before God when there was still time, he ended up being destroyed by his choice.

The Lord is calling us to humble ourselves under His love today so that we may possess the grace to resist the devil effectively such that he may flee from us. If we continue to do things God does not approve and still pretend to be on the side of the Lord, when the Lord will resist such pride, it may be too late to turn around. It is pride that makes us assume we can deceive or mock God. If only we can take a thought and realize that there is no mocking God, then shall we be able to humble ourselves before Him and lay all things bear for Him to pick us up. Humility to God is a virtue that never fails. It is our pride that makes us romance the enemy and still assume there is nothing God will do.

SOLUTION: Separate yourself from everything that is unclean. As the Lord your God is holy, so be you holy in all your ways. Don’t let your association with filthy vessels rob you of your salvation. Crowns are susceptible to loss when not handled with care. Keep yours.

Merciful and gracious Father, please help us not to abdicate our love in you for that of the world in Jesus’ name. Everything in us that attracts the world to us and anything in us that attracts us to the world, please expunge today in the name of Jesus Christ. Please keep us pure and perfect in you till the glorious day in Jesus’ name. May we never lose our crowns in Jesus name. Stand firm for Christ!

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