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Gift From Above

Key verse: James 1:17

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

1 Samuel 1:1-20

It is a known fact that many people in comparing themselves with others, hurry to receive things unto themselves which may bring them sorrow or add no great value to them in the end. There are those who out of greed and get rich quick syndrome pursue wrong media to get wealthy. Some through direct stealing, kidnapping, banditry or human sacrifice pursue wealth even in their tender ages for no just cause. They are not willing to endure any hardship, neither are they willing to endure pain of learning. They often end up in bad states. It is either they go mad in the open market, get caught by the long arm of the law or die mysteriously and in great agony. Meanwhile, that is never the plan of God concerning anyone. The thought of God towards us are of peace that we may come to an expected end.

Hannah had reasons to want to cut corners. Yet, she remained in the house of Elkanah despite the humiliation she got in the hands of the junior wife, Peninnah. When the torment became too daunting to bear, she approached the Source of life, the One who can do all things and from whom all good and perfect gifts come. The Lord approved her petition and gave her a perfect gift in Samuel who became the “ruler” of Israel before kings were made there. Meanwhile, the children for which Peninnah tormented Hannah were unsung and therefore more like worthless compared to the gift from above who is known to all generations after him.

When we wait on the Lord for whatever we desire, He can give to us what we need and make it a lasting gift as against what man can give or the kingdom of darkness. Whatever the devil gives does not last and it does not give pleasure. Some have received children and ended up with sorrow from the birth and for so long thereafter. There is no shadow of turning in our Lord. What He gives is good and perfect. It is better to focus on Him and not on any other. God is poised to answer your prayer now like He did Hannah if only you will shift your focus to Him and Him alone. Stop looking at Peninnah for help. She has nothing good to offer but reproach and mockery. Look to Jesus.

Pray: Help dear Lord! Put an end to the mockery the enemy has been mocking me regarding this my special need (mention it) in the name of Jesus.

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