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Gladness Achievable

Key verse: Psalms 126:3

The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

Psalms 126:1-3

Certain occurrences are ordinarily unimaginable, yet they are not beyond the power of God. For instance, how can one, without the thought of the supernatural comprehend the parting of the Red Sea and bringing it back to crush an army? How is it that a man strikes a rock in the wilderness and it turns to a spring source? How does a decomposing man regain life? How do you feed a crowd of five thousand men with five loaves and two fishes? How? It is simply through the power of restoration. Everyone that appreciated that power and operates in it is also able to command the miraculous.

When Adam messed up in the garden, his deed included all his offspring. So, the consequence of the misdeed extends also to his offspring. By his deed, Adam lost his right to the Spirit of God that was responsible for his quickening. Therefore, every of his offspring remained without quickening except by a special divine intervention. That intervention operates to take away, even if for a moment of the intervention, the captivity brought upon man by the sin of Adam. It is such intervention that made Moses able to part the Red Sea and get water from the rock. God has however made the divine intervention a permanent one by coming in the person of Jesus Christ to take the captivity permanently away. Nonetheless, it is not so available to everyone except those who believe and continue to live their lives according to the tenets of love.

Every time the turning of the captivity of man is made manifest, man experiences great joy and bursts into laughter. Yet there is opportunity to have joy unspeakable if we can dwell in love devoid of any further captivity. God is inviting us to His joy unspeakable by asking us to come out of our wayward ways which are orchestrated by the enemy with a view to holding us bound. If only we will yield to the Lord today, then will there be divine intervention in our lives to take us out of the claws of the evil one. Then are we like them that dream. Then will the world see us and marvel at our glow. Nothing can be compared. Why not get restored with that which Adam lost today and start to experience supernatural quickening in your endeavors. God is faithful to do that which He has promised.

Pray: Father Lord, please turn again my captivity permanently today so that I live my life as a wonder to many in my generation and generations to come in Jesus name.

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