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Go And Reconcile

Focus: Matthew 5:23-24 - KJV

23. Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee; 24. Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.

1 John 3:13-16

In this new year where the Lord is looking for those who will serve Him genuinely and in love, animosity is a no, no. The expectation of God from His sheep is for them to eschew bitterness completely. In fact, even if we have an offering or sacrifice to give unto the Lord and we discover that there is someone who is not happy with us, we are expected to first seek the person out and seek reconciliation before attempting to make the sacrifice, even if we assume we are not at fault in our relationship with the person. The standard of love that is expected of us is that of laying down our lives for our friends. In this case, that is exemplified by our burying our pride or ego to seek the fellow whom we believe we did not wrong, but yet is unhappy with whatever way he assumed we treated him. This does not take into cognizance the fact of who is superior between the two parties. For instance, in a work environment, a manager may shout down junior personnel in a manner that could make a weak person lose his self-esteem. If the manager realizes that the junior staff is aggrieved, he should not make a sacrifice to God before settling with the aggrieved staff. It does not matter that the staff deserved the treatment because of a costly error he made. What is important is that, so that the same may continue his life in peace and not become suicidal, for example, it is the responsibility of the manager to make amends. If he however, refuses to make amends as required and some evil befalls the aggrieved as a result, what account will the manager give to God?

Beloved, God does not want any to perish. If someone becomes embittered because of you, your action may prevent him from making the kingdom for unforgiveness. For how do we relate with a man and his wife leaving home on a service day differently to go into a congregation or for bitterness, separate ones, lifting “holy hands” with others in the congregation(s) when they fail to reconcile their differences at home? It was one Achan that caused Israel to fall at Ai! Lifting filthy hands in the congregation of saints can pollute the lot. Why must you make a waste of the sacrifice of a whole congregation? That is why Christ wants you to reconcile before stepping forward with your sacrifice.

SOLUTION: Nothing destroys more than bitterness. Don’t let it linger. Go and settle. Say sorry even if you believe you are not wrong. It takes nothing away from you. Refusal to forgive or say sorry to allow reconciliation is clear evidence of not being regenerated from the beginning.

Father, to men it may seem impossible; but with you, all things are possible. Please help me to develop a heart that will let go and exude humility always in the name of Jesus Christ. Do help me to always notice and be prompt to act in reconciliation when anyone has an ought against me so that I may never fail you in Jesus’ name. In all, please make me worthy of you to the very end in Jesus’ name.

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