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God answers

Memorize: 1 Kings 18:24

And call ye on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the LORD: and the God that answereth by fire, let him be God. And all the people answered and said, It is well spoken.

Read: Jeremiah 33:1-8

Although the sacrifice for sin has been paid once and for all, many refuse to accept the truth of the sacrifice and therefore still dwell in the bondage of the no-longer existent sin of Adam. This bondage has so beclouded their reasoning and actions that they continually annoy their God. Prior to the sacrifice, some had lived in that same way. Though God loved Israel so much that He gave them choice land and great privileges as against their neighbors, they treated God with no respect and did most abominable things by submitting themselves to non-existent gods.

Of course, the consequence of disobedience is gruesome life. This they experienced at the time of Elijah that culminated in the contest on Mt. Carmel. God answered His beloved servant when he called. The situation persisted even to the time of the captivity and God spoke through Jeremiah the prophet. They must have forgotten the history of what happened at the time of Elijah. God reminded them to call and He will answer.

The occurrences today are not different from what they got in the time of their disobedience. The world is so distant from God and His love that everyone treats the things of God with so much levity. The earth is left to the control of the enemy. Mankind is now so obedient to the dictates of the enemy as against the commands of God. Everything is now so upturned that no one understands the direction of life any more.

All we need do is to take a thought and look at the history. If only we will reverently call on God, He is sure to answer us like He did for Elijah and promised through Jeremiah. He will surely restore to normalcy those things that are definitely upside down at the moment. All He asks for us to do is to call on Him. Please, don’t call on God if you lack pure heart and holy hands. Except you seek forgiveness of your sins first, your cry will be an abomination to Him if you do. Call on God today: He is sure to answer.

Pray: Father, I seek your mercy today over the whole earth and particularly the current generation. Please by your mercy resolve the trouble the earth is confronted with at this time. Help to restore normalcy inplaces where peace has been eroded in Jesus name.

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