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God Hears The Righteous

Focus: Proverbs 15:29 - KJV

29. The LORD is far from the wicked: but he heareth the prayer of the righteous.

James 5:13-20

Communication is phenomenal in people’s relationship. In telephone conversation particularly using the WiFi, or in the days of analogue lines, some of the times disruptions are experienced because of signal malfunction. In very advanced nations of the world, their communication equipment are hi-tech in nature compared to those of people in ill-governed nations where the people are zapped of anything called wellness. Imagine a call from an advanced nation to someone in the zapped economy: as much as the one in the advanced space has no network issues, the person in the other end is faced with connection problems and therefore communication is almost impossible. Even if the one in the better place is saying hello, everything the other says is stifled by the network and is unheard. That precisely is the way prayers from a wicked person is. It is scuttled by network issues and never get to God. But when a righteous person prays to God, because they both operate on the frequency of righteousness even though God uses the higher band, their words are clear one to another. Hence, when there are issues in life, it is strongly recommended that before engaging in prayers or asking anyone to pray for us, we first verify that our frequency and bandwidth are in tune with God’s.

Beloved, place your cares in the hands of God today through your prayers. Give Him thanks and praises for your life and that of all your loved ones. Pray that the blood of Jesus will avail for you before the throne of grace so that your call to God may not enter into voicemail. Pray for others in trouble that God may ransom them. Pray for yourself that the evil in this day may not come near you. Most importantly, hide yourself in the righteousness of Christ as that is a sure network whose connection cannot fail. Do all prayers in the name of Jesus Christ for your joy to be full. Ensure you are fervent in your requests so that you may avail much for all.

SOLUTION: Prayers should be made regularly for all people: the sick, those in authority, spiritual leaders etc. for the Lord to hold sway in the affairs of mankind; making sure that the prayers are made in all righteousness and love.

As from this day forward, your prayers shall perfectly connect with the heavenly network for great effects in Jesus’ name. The Lord shall give ear to all your requests and answer speedily in the name of Jesus Christ. Pray without ceasing beloved. God is waiting to hear.

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