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God Is Above All

Focus: Psalms 135:5 - KJV

5. For I know that the LORD is great, and that our Lord is above all gods.

Acts 16:16-25

God has no contemporary neither is there any being greater than Him. He rules and reigns in the affairs of men. Some consider and imagine non existent beings as their gods. In their follies they have been overtaken by darkness. There was a king in Israel called Ahab, who by the operation of his wife allowed an imagined being called baal to be god over Israel. But when the chips were down, it became glaring that baal is non existent. Paul and Silas, being emissaries of the Most High rebuked a damsel who was an agent of darkness helping some to make money out of manipulation through the spirit of divination. They swung into action against these disciples because they disturbed their gains. They raised accusations against them and brought them before the magistrates who conscripted them to the maximum security prison. But because the God whom they believed is the true God, He rescued them from prison to the chagrin of their abductors.

It does not matter the level of authority from where opposition is brought against you; if you are on the side of the Lord and you are in His will, He will surely come to your rescue. Truth is, those who are so sworn against you are operating to achieve the enterprise of darkness as agents of the devil. Oh no! They don’t like it when we say so, but consider it: when their actions are not done in love, it definitely is of the devil. Our God is greater than all. For greater is He that is in us than he that is in them as they belong to the world. Therefore, fear them not but hold on to the promise of God who is the real Authority in heaven and earth. He will pronounce your freedom and you shall be free indeed.

Joining our faith together, we jointly declare today that every power responsible for all negative occurence in our lives be terminated forthwith by the power of the only living God in the name of Jesus Christ. Everyone that is acting as agent of darkness to affect our progress and destinies negatively are rebuked sharply from hence in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. From this day forth, the siege of the enemy is over, all gates of brass and bars of iron are put asunder for our freedom in the name of Jesus Christ. Beloved, the siege is over. Go and relish your freedom. God bless you.

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