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God is Jealous

Text: Exodus 34:14

For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:

Bible Reading:

Exodus 34: 11-14


Every man loves to keep his bride to himself and not share her with any other. Where a groom decides to share his bride with anyone else at all, it is an indication that such groom does not so love the bride after all. When a man finds his wife faithful and loving, he adorns her with the best of ornaments and showers her with love in return. He protects her from all external aggression and preserves her for himself. I am sure you can supply more of the things that a caring husband does to a faithful and dutiful wife. In parenthesis, when the bride is cheap and tampered with by every manner of man or any other man at all, the jealousy of the husband is aroused. He takes from her all benefits that would have accrued to her; withdraws his affection from her and pushes her out of the home to protect the sanctity thereof. This is true also of the relationship between us and God. The church is the bride of Christ. The church is not the building but the people therein. Every time we stay in tune with God, we behave as the faithful bride and attract great benefits from God. Whenever we stray, we are caught in adultery against our Lover. Indeed every sin is a romance with the devil in rejection of God. That is why it baffles one to see people operating in sin and pretending to be serving God. Such adulterous acts have dear consequences. God, our husband and Lover is not only jealous, His name is Jealous meaning He is an embodiment of jealousy and cannot tolerate your adultery one bit. Are you still operating in sin and pretending to be of God? That is a big joke. But you can return to Him with a promise to be faithful henceforth and He will take you back. That is because He hates divorce. But if you divorce Him by preferring His enemy, He will not force Himself on you. Return home.


Lord, I see my folly in romancing your enemy and thinking I can keep it from you. Please forgive me. By the help of your Spirit I will be faithful to you henceforth never to step out again. Do help me in my quest. This I pray in Jesus name.

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segun kayode taiwo
segun kayode taiwo
28 окт. 2020 г.

Good morning sir and just to say thank you for all d timely and insightful messages from the throne of grace. God bless you richly and prosper ur ministry in Jesus name

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