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God knows His lovers

Text: 1 Corinthians 8:3

But if any man love God, the same is known of him.

Bible Reading:

Job 1:1-8


Hypocrisy is the art of feigning to be what one is not. On earth today, there are so many people who feign to love God. In fact, when people meet them ordinarily, they assume there is no existing saint like them. Whereas, they are million miles away from the Lord. God knows those who love Him and He places a mark on them for distinction. Job was a man like all of us. God by Himself testified of Job as His lover. Despite everything Job went through, he did not refrain from loving God just like the Lord assured from the beginning. God is not a cheat. When He discovers you love Him, He bombards you with greater love in return. There are hazards in loving God. When you love God, the enemy seeks to pull you down from your pedestal of operation. Your loving God guarantees you special security, provision, well-being and so on. The enemy targets to defraud you of these and replace them with negative things so that you may deny your love for God. If only you can stand firm in your resolve to love God, the Lord will not allow him near you. What the enemy does is to lie to you about things and try to make you believe the lie and doubt your lover. That has been his style from the beginning. That was the style he used for Eve. He tried it with the Lord Jesus Christ. Since a servant is not greater than his master, once he tried with Christ, he will do with you also. Is there something enticing you now that the end product is disobedience to God? That already is the handwriting of the enemy. Please do not yield. The Lord remains there solidly for you. He knows you and will stand by you, if you can stay in His love. No matter what, God will not allow you to be tempted than what you can bear. If you yield, it is that you are lured by your lust away from God. It must mean you never really loved God, and He knew it from the outset. If you do love Him, stick with Him.


Daddy Lord, I love you. Help me to stick with you in love and make our union inseparable even till we fully unite in eternity, in Jesus Mighty Name.

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