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God Knows Your Motive

Focus: Jeremiah 17:10 - KJV

10. I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

Luke 22:1-21

The heart of man is the repository of all actions, whether good or bad. When the heart conceives something, if due care is not taken, the entire system of the person will be galvanized into action towards manifesting the thoughts of the heart. Incidentally, the manifestation of thoughts of the heart into action is determined by the kind of spirit that indwells the person. As we know that it is from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks, the sons of thunder were quick to suggest to Christ that they be empowered to call fire down on some unbelievers. But the response of Christ is interesting. It is that they did not know what spirit dwelled in them. So, if the good spirit dwells in a man, that same spirit ensures that the heart is clean and brings forth good thoughts; but if the evil spirit be in a person, his thoughts are mainly evil continually. Such thoughts are not premised on whether the victim of the evil thought had been good to the thinker or not. Jesus had been a good leader to Judas Iscariot, making him treasurer and appointing him an apostle. However, the insatiable craze for money will not stop him from selling off his master for some currency. So, he took a thought. Even though Christ was not there to hear his bargain with the Jewish rulers, He knew his thoughts and brought it to light. Although Judas was at table with Him pretending to be loyal still, Christ knew his motive and made it clear that He knew. Whatever we think we want to do while pretending and camouflaging our actions, the thoughts are glaring before Him to determine the outcome.

Beloved, may the Lord grant you the grace to discern the thoughts of the workers of evil around you who are poised to harm you in their secret actions in Jesus’ name. If, however you also harbor illicit thoughts about your neighbor, please know that the thoughts are not hidden from the Lord and that He has the ability to check-mate the same before they are hatched. Nothing good comes out of evil thoughts. The Lord sees and knows the intent of the heart even before it is conceived.

SOLUTION: Purify your heart dearly beloved. Don’t allow evil thoughts to dwell therein. Rather think on things that are good, loving, kind and of good report always. God is counting on you. When you allow evil thoughts, you are making evil spirit(s) resident in your heart.

Father, if the tree be good the fruit also will be good. Therefore, please help us by your Spirit to purify our hearts so that it will be receptacle only to good thoughts in Jesus’ name. Let our actions always depict the good in our hearts in the name of Jesus. Let our totality reflect the goodness of your Spirit dear Lord in Jesus’ name.

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