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God my all in all

Memorize: Psalms 57:2

I will cry unto God most high; unto God that performeth all things for me.

Read: psalms 23:1-6

There is nothing you want in life that you cannot get from God so long as you work within His will. Truth is, everything that is belongs to Him. He has given every individual who will abide in Him and allow His word to abide in such a person, a blank check to ask for anything in the name of Jesus and God will grant it.

Beyond this, God gives opportunity to those who will bring others to righteousness to will a thing and ask of it. Meaning, even if the thing does not exist, God would make it available by creating it. What an awesome God. David found Him to be the Great Shepherd who can provide for all my needs to ensure that I do not want or lack any good thing. He speaks of so much protection from Him to the extent that nothing should scare me even if I momentarily strayed. It is comforting to know that the provision of goodness and mercy is available for me all the days of my life since I am in Christ Jesus.

What is it that you are going through that seems to lack solution? If it is resource provision, the God we serve is the great provider, look to Him; if it is health issue, He is the great physician and healer; or are you so mentally confused, He is our deliverer and wisdom belongs to Him; is it that you have suffered a great loss and you need solace, He is our Comforter. Just name the area of your problem and this God is available to sort you out. Scriptures are replete with His deeds and we are living testimonials and witnesses of His great deeds even now.

Don’t look to man for solution for the arm of flesh will fail you. Even if the solution is seemingly in the hands of a man, don’t approach him until you have submitted his heart into the hand of the King of kings for Him to direct that you be assisted. Lean completely on God. He can supply all your needs (material, financial, physical, spiritual, mental) according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. He will deliver and save you.


Father, I commit my entire being into your able hands: do please provide for my needs according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. This I pray in Jesus name.

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