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God’s counsel is true and faithful

Key verse: Isaiah 25:1 - KJV

1. O LORD, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.

2 Samuel 2:17-25

The battles of life are numerous such that they can be overwhelming. At times, when one is confronted with a battle, he gets so confused and unable to determine the next move. In such circumstance, the counsel that one gets can either make or mar him. Solomon had reigned over Israel and died. When his son took over, he was confronted with a battle of relevance by the children of Israel. He took good counsel from the elders but discarded it for the ill counsel of the youth. He lost a chunk of the kingdom for it. Although the Lord had decided to have the kingdom divided because of Solomon’s waywardness, if the son, Rehoboam had sought the Lord’s counsel as typical of his grandfather David, may be the fate would not have befallen him. David was a king who did not joke with the Lord’s counsel. Whenever he must go to battle, he sought the counsel of God and he prevailed based on same. The counsel of men can be faulty and lead to disaster. That of God is sure.

But how do we know God’s counsel in our battles? The word of God is that the secret of the Lord is with those that fear Him. Hence, the first thing is to fear the Lord. Also, there is need to pray to the One who says we should call upon Him and He would answer. His promises do not fail. Many battles are lost in the place of worry and because of it we neglect to pray. Some do call on God but worry still. This is like handing a case to a lawyer and wresting it from him to do it by one’s self. Worry won’t let us get clear counsel. When we cry to Him, He responds like He said to Aaron and Miriam, through dreams, visions or speaking mouth to mouth. Incidentally, by the presence of the Holy Spirit, we are now also able to hear the still small voice that Elijah heard. This, for those who are constant in the place of prayer, is a regular phenomenon and occurrence. And whenever the Lord speaks, we are to comply in detail and the battle is already won. Ask Joshua at Jericho.

What is the battle facing you right now? Spare time to cry on God and commit it into His hands. When He gives a counsel regarding it, adhere to the counsel and very soon indeed, many will come to rejoice with you. Cry unto Him today for His counsel.

Pray: Father, I cannot face these battles on my own; please guide me on the way to go and I will never disobey you. Put the enemies under my feet by reason of your counsel in Jesus name.

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