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God’s counsel shall stand

Key Verse: Isaiah 46:10c - KJV

… My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

Matthew 16:18-20

God is the Almighty! He sits in heaven and does as He pleases. When His enemy took over the reins of the earth, in one fell swoop, He took it over by calling forth light and making man in His own image and likeness to take the charge thereof. When man messed up and He determined to begin a fresh order, He gave Noah His counsel and that was what He did. No one can stop Him from fulfilling His pleasure unless He decides to yield by Himself.

When God determined that the ransom of the world would come from Abraham and Sarah’s loins, even though they both grew so old that Sarah thought she could no longer bring forth, God’s counsel stood and Isaac was born. When He promised to bring Israel back to Canaan after four hundred years in Egypt, He achieved it even though Pharaoh was adamant and there were many obstacles in the way. Whatsoever He finds pleasurable to Him, He can achieve. That is why I am convinced that a user of this Guide will soon experience the manifestation of many of God’s promises to him or her in Jesus name. God’s counsel is to build His Church and that no gate of hell shall prevail against it. Hence, we are convinced that no matter the barrage of attacks on the Church from the pit of hell, the counsel of the Lord shall hold sway. He even conferred to us the key of David to bind and loose without fail. Because His promises are yea and in Him, Amen, I wish someone will take hold of the key today and put it to good use having the confidence that God’s counsel shall stand.

We may have been facing difficulties in attaining the things we got from our God in the form of promises. It does not mean His counsel has failed. Though it tarried, it will no longer tarry. It shall come to pass. God is the one that honors His word above His name. That is integrity. The ever-faithful God will not fail in His promise to you. He will surely fulfill His pleasure. Simply have faith in Him and be patient. Very soon the whole world will rejoice with you. Zechariah and Elizabeth had left praying for fruit of the womb when the woman became pregnant. Today, many centuries after, we still refer to them. Yours will be the next outlandish miracle in Jesus name.

Pray: Father, please fulfil your pleasure in my life positively that my miracle may become a worldwide classic example in the name of Jesus Christ.

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