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God’s goodness is great!

Focus: Psalms 31:19 - KJV

19. Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men!

Daniel 1:1-15

There is something about God that many need to appreciate. It does not matter the circumstances that life throws at a man, if he decides to trust God by obeying Him, God will ‘embarrass’ him with His goodness even in his circumstance. Many find themselves in states they assume are terrible and rather than glorify God, they are full of murmurings and ingratitude before God. The children of Israel were an example of this. They were slaves in a foreign land. God had decided to rescue them and took them through the wilderness. Meanwhile, the wilderness is never like a palace and it is just a passage. But they would not bear little discomfort and give glory to God knowing that with God, all things work together for good. Daniel was not like that. Even though he was taken into captivity in a foreign land, he would not defile himself with the king’s meat because he feared and trusted God still. When he was told to deny God by not praying to Him, Daniel damned the consequence and prayed to his God. As a result, not only did God rescue him from the calamities of men, He preserved him to be vice president under five different kings in the land of captivity. Every other of the captives, and indeed the natives of the foreign land, saw the greatness of the God of Daniel in the life of Daniel. The story of Joseph was not too far different. God honored him also with great goodness for trusting and fearing Him, despite his circumstance in slavery. That great goodness is preserved for all those who will trust and fear Him. When He finds them, He showcases them before the sons of men as His delight with His great goodness.

Do you also want to experience God’s great goodness? It is very much available and will be bestowed on you if you will fear and trust Him no matter what. That circumstance is not meant to ditch you but to cause your promotion in the end. Please do not allow the enemy to cause you to offend God through murmurings and grumblings or doing something that defiles one before God. Rather, look up to Jesus in that circumstance and your hope will be renewed as you trust on and stay in the fear of the Lord. Very soon, and indeed, sooner than you can imagine, the goodness of God will be poured on you before the sons of men.

SOLUTION: Never deviate from the injunctions of God. He knows what is good for you. If you fear Him, you will obey Him always.

Lord, we look up to you for your great goodness at this time. Please pour it on each and everyone of us today in the name of Jesus. Even though the young lions do lack and suffer hunger, no matter the situation in the land, let us never lack any good thing in Jesus’ name. Please let our countenances be fairer and better than that of the sons of men as we trust in you in the name of Jesus. Promote us far beyond our pears that the whole world may acknowledge your supremacy through us in Jesus’ name.

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