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God sees all things

Text: Proverbs 5:21

For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and he pondereth all his goings.

Bible Reading:

Job 1:8


There is nothing hidden unto our God. All the manipulations and pretenses of man are glaring unto Him. So also are all the good deeds manifest to Him. For instance, He knew of the hidden intents of Cain when he made a sacrifice to Him and same had to be rejected. Cain needed not have discussed with anyone for his secret to be in the open unto God. He knew the hidden David so well as much as He knew the warrior and king-statured-like Eliab in the house of Jesse to prefer David. There is nothing you think you are suppressing in that your action. Though the whole world may be fooled, there is no fooling God. And, do you know? God is the ultimate. He is the One that should be feared and honored in all our doings. When all hidden things will be made bear, a lot of people will face the consequences of their ill actions. There is nothing done in the body that will not be accounted for. Let all men be liars and let God be true. All motives outside love shall be punished. Don’t allow the actions or misguidance of friends and acquaintances to pitch you against your God. Whatever is being done that has sinful undertone is sin. Please avoid such like a plague. God sees all. When God was telling Satan about the credentials of Job, no one assumed He knew, at least not Job’s friends who thought he was unrighteous. Everything that is hidden to men is glaring unto our God. David’s plot to kill Urriah was to him a masterstroke. But the same did not escape the attention of the Most High. He is the one that rules and reigns in the affairs of men. Take heed lest you derail.


Father, please help me to be faithful to the end. Anytime I take a hidden thought to do evil, please help me to overcome the thought in Jesus name.

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