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Greater love

Text: 1 John 3:16

Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

Read: John 15:11-15

God was deliberate in creating man in His image and likeness. God is Love. He created man as love also. But corruption set in to make the heart of man desperately wicked. Yet, God fulfilled His plan to ransom man from wickedness and restore him to love through His sacrifice. In that sacrifice lies all spiritual ingredient to restore man to love.

Being restored to love is taking back the likeness and form of God. This is attainable by following the commands of Christ our example. Love has no hurt or torment. Anytime you move to hurt or torment your neighbor or friend, it is not in love but wickedness and it is not approved of God. That action to make him feel bad is wrong. Desist.

But if you must really be like God, you must be willing to do what He did and approves. He laid down His life for His friends. You must be willing to lay yours down too. Tall order? Not quite. It is not until you hang on the cross that you lay your life down for the brethren as the Lord requires. True you are not El-Shaddai! Yet He desires that you be like Him. There is no giving life that lacks as no one can out give God. Anytime you give to the needy you lend to God. The simple theory is that if time be money and time is life then money in some sense, is life. Many jobs are measured in man hours. So, when you give part of what you earned for your man hours, you are giving part of your life and fulfilling the Will of God.

Think about this: anytime you give one of the two things you have, you show love; when however, you give the only one you have you show greater love.

It does not have to be money alone. Give also your time to assist others. It is also laying down your life. But don’t waste your time doing this unless you are born again. Else, your deed will tantamount to an abomination before God. Ask Cain.

Pray: Lord, I want to be totally like you; please help me to be selfless for the rest of my life and being in Jesus name.

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