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Healing Assured Through Praise

Focus: Jeremiah 17:14 - KJV

14. Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise.

Jeremiah 17:14-18

Sickness weighs the victim down and carries with it the tendency to abstain from praising God. It is a general notion that sickness is mainly by reason of sin. But more often than not, when the heart is not merry, the body does not function optimally. For instance, many are men of God who face a lot of persecution and rejection because of whom and what they represent. When such rejection comes, it affects the mind of the concerned and when so affected, it results in a downturn. For that, healing is required. The good news is, whenever there is a sickness of any kind, there is the Great Physician who is able to heal all manner of ailments. Jeremiah was down because he was rejected. It became for him sickness in a sense and he needed healing therefor. Knowing his Source, he lifted his face and countenance unto the Lord for help. He reminded himself also that the Lord is his praise. This presupposes that in whatever state we find ourselves, we should just maintain our praise in God. No wonder the scriptures recommend that in all things we should praise God for that is His will concerning us. Those who refuse to praise God due to circumstance or situation end up fueling the cause of the situation. When we honor God as our Praise, He takes charge of the cause of our downturn.

Are you weary or heavy ladened? Is the world throwing things at you which ought not to be simply because of your calling or profession? Does it appear the world is turned against you and are treating you like a sore thumb? Is the situation weighing you down and making your countenance sickly? Please cheer up as your healer is here. He is here to comfort, encourage and heal you. He will not allow the enemy to have the last laugh over your matter. He gave Job the last laugh and healed him of his down situation. He will heal you too if you will not deny Him as your praise.

SOLUTION: God is not slack regarding His promises. All He seeks is that you call on Him in the day of trouble and He will answer you.

The Lord will hear you in the day of trouble. He who has access to every spare part of man will treat all your infirmities and sicknesses in Jesus’ name. Every adverse situation in your life shall give way to the praise of the Lord in Jesus’ name. The Lord will arise for you today and put all your enemies to flight in Jesus’ mighty name.

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Aug 16, 2022


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