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Help O Lord!

Focus: Psalms 30:10 - KJV

10. Hear, O LORD, and have mercy upon me: LORD, be thou my helper.

2 Kings 4:1-7

The Lord is the present help in the time of trouble. Unfortunately, however, even though the help is present and available to us, our ego and fullness of ourselves do not let us take the benefit of His help. Such ego can also emanate from being too familiar with God. There is this fascinating story of one of the sons of the prophets who died apparently from stress borne out of huge indebtedness and other worries of life. He had access to God through His known channel at the time but would not bend his knee to use the access. But upon his demise, when the creditors came with the threat of depriving his widow of their sons, the woman got wise. Rather than forfeit her sons also, she humbled herself and approached the prophet. Meanwhile, what she had considered worthless and looked away from, was the source through which the Lord blessed her. Importantly, even though she was already in debt, the instruction she got was to go and borrow from her neighbors in large number. She was to borrow empty vessels. For as long as the vessels were filled, they were not relevant in the scheme of things. In the end, she received help beyond her expectation. Anytime David got to his wit’s end, he also cried unto the Lord for help and he got it. While he was full of himself going with the Philistines to battle against Israel, the enemy devastated his camp and even his own lieutenants, whom he trained, wanted to stone him to death. Then he cried to God for help. In the end, he overtook his enemies and recovered more than what was stolen from them.

Is there a user of this Guide who truly desires the help of God today? If only you will humble yourself before God and call upon His name for help, He is quite near you to render to you beyond your desire. But we must first disembark from the high horse that we are riding, for Him to be able to reach out to help us with His everlasting arms. Assuredly, that situation that appears insurmountable will receive solution today, if only you will bow your knees to God our present help.

SOLUTION: Since there is nothing difficult for God to do, look unto Him only in times of need. Never assume you can overcome by your own wisdom or power. Rely on the wisdom of our God to overcome the pressure of life. Turning elsewhere is a big error though.

Father, we turn to you today our help in ages past and our hope for years to come. Please rescue us from this mire in which we find ourselves at this time in the name of Jesus. Please pull out your children this day from their troubles in Jesus’ name. Every stubborn problem, do let there be solution to them today, in Jesus’ name. And in all things, please hear dear Lord and show us mercy every time we cry unto you for help in Jesus’ name.

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