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Help One Another

Focus: Hebrews 10:24 - KJV

24. And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:

Genesis 14:1-16

The reason Christians are called brethren is that they belong to the same source as Father. As they are therefore brethren, it is expected that they help one another in love. It is a terrible thing for a brother to observe another brother in some form of trouble and bathe an eye doing nothing to assist. It is akin to the wickedness of man to man. Even if it appears not to be our business, bearing one another’s burden is a great way to show love. It does not matter the perception we of have the one we are to help. What is important is having the capacity to help and doing so. In the days of Abram, his nephew Lot became an orphan and responsibility fell on Abram to take care of him. Despite all that Abram did for Lot, when there was a schism between the workers of the duo, Lot did not consider that Abram was his benefactor to allow him the first right of place in choosing the place to be. Rather, Lot choose the lush (or seeming lush) portion and left his uncle with the seeming crumbs. Yet, Abram did not consider this when the kings went to war and Lot was taken captive. Abram rose up with his servants to rescue Lot and until he got him ransomed with his belongings, he stopped at nothing.

Friends, no matter what the past has been, do not hold back in assisting your brother. He is your brother because you both belong to Christ in the family of God. If you fail to do so, quite soon, the Lord who is your joint father is wont to ask you of your brother’s welfare. That is when you will truly realize that you are meant to be your brother’s keeper. Do the right thing now while there is still time, than be caught unawares, like Cain.

SOLUTION: Take time to think of what you can do to assuage the pains of those brethren in need. Don’t wait until it becomes too critical a situation. Do it without anyone else knowing what you have done. God will surely honor that more.

As you clothe the naked brother, the Lord will cover your nakedness today in Jesus name. The power of the Most High will elevate you for good in the name of Jesus. Neither you nor your offspring or any one of them will ever beg bread in Jesus name. Help that brother.

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