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Idolatry Destroys

Focus: 1 John 5:21 - KJV

21. Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.

1 Corinthians 10:7-14

Idolatry is not just the graving of image(s) as symbol of worship, but the worship of mere things as against the true God. It may be surprising to note that fornication, murmurings, tempting God, and indeed, all sins are tantamount to idolatry. For when a sin is conceived in our hearts, it is that we are making a decision to jettison God, the one who commands that we should not commit the sin, but to bow to or approve of another, who lures us to the conclusion in our hearts.

For an insight therefore, we are made to believe that as God is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, the devil who makes us to sin, is not. And because he is not, he operates through the instrumentality of demons as his agents. Hence, there is a demon that makes man love money more than God, and he is called Mammon; there is the demon of lust; there is the demon of pride and so on. It follows therefore that the one to whom we yield at any time is our idol. No wonder scriptures say you are a servant to whom you obey, and Christ says specifically that a servant cannot serve two masters: we cannot serve God and Mammon. Essentially therefore, even though we do not have a grafted image of Mammon in the house, many worship him through the love of money, and are idolaters.

What is the idol that is taking you away from loving God and His Christ? Those things that always want you to do away with the things of God and obeying His instructions are idols that you need to be rid of. God’s instruction is to keep ourselves from them. The truth is, if we leave God for an idol, unless we make a full turn around to return to God, we cannot expect Him to be on our case. Yes, the luring level has been heightened because the time of the idols is almost up, and they seek to draw many with themselves into the final destruction. God did not make you to be a candidate of destruction but for you to be on His side in eternity. Why not flee from those idols today.

SOLUTION: Everything that antagonizes God and godliness must be done away with so that it doesn’t put us away. Avoid friends who are always drawn unto idols. Watch your circle of acquaintances by keeping close to people who are truly of God and not pretenders.

Father, we seek your face for mercy over all of our sins, please have mercy on us in the name of Jesus. We never intended to idolize anything in our lives, we had done this in our ignorance, please forgive us in Jesus’ name. Daddy, you are the Lord of our lives and none other. From this day, please give us the grace to treat you as God forever, in Jesus’ name. Help us to overcome every temptation that may want to make us do otherwise, in Jesus’ name.

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