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Ingredients of prayer

Memorize: 1 Timothy 2:8

I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.

Read: 1 Timothy 2:1-8

The Bible enjoins us to pray without ceasing. Unfortunately, many spend hours unending in the place of prayer yet they have no tangible result. The reason they ask and receive not is because they ask wrongly to consume the substance on their own lust. Self-centeredness is a bane in the place of prayer. Prayers can be said everywhere for God is everywhere. He hears. But not every prayer is fit for His hearing. For yours to be fit, please be sure that you have a pure heart and holy hands. A pure heart is one without wrath, grudge or bitterness. A heart that seeks the salvation of all, just like God. A heart that will first pray for those in need, in bondage and the oppressed. Many countries and societies are in pain because of bad leadership. God expects that you will pray for such societies and their leaders. Also, pray for those you perceive to be your enemies that God may deliver them from the grip of the devil. Please don’t pray for the death or destruction of any man. Holy hands are those that are not involved in satanic merchandise.

Importantly, you must enter God’s gates with thanksgiving. If you fail to show appreciation for past benefits, howbeit you be bestowed with fresh ones? Intercede on behalf of others. When you do this, and place your request, then will God be entreated of you. The secret of Solomon’s wealth was his self-less prayer. He prayed for one item, wisdom. But the purpose was the wellbeing of the people he was to govern. Wisdom he got; but because he did not ask for the lives of his enemies and other such vague and mundane things, God added to him wealth untold and security of the throne.

The holy book cannot be faulted. The mind of God is that you seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and those things that are ephemeral which we pride too much and lust after ordinarily SHALL be added to us. Again, do please ask without doubting. Believe in advance that your request has been granted. Your doubt is a suggestion that God is not and unless you believe that He is, He cannot come through for you. Finally, pray to Him in the name of Jesus. He is the one that reconciled between you and the Father and His name has been so exalted. It guarantees you fullness of joy. Have you prayed today?

Pray: Father, I hallow your name. Help me to pray aright henceforth in Jesus name.

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