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Is your light not darkness?

Key verse: Luke 11:35

Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.

Read: Luke 11:33-36

The Believer is declared the light of the world. Christ restored light to the world when He came in person. Then He declared that for as long as He remained in the world, He’s the Light of the world. When He was to depart the world, after having made disciples of others and making them share part of His Light, He declared them (the Believers) the light of the world. For every Believer therefore, from the point of being born again, there is a measure of light lit inside of him. This light is expected to be utilized for the illumination of the path of the Believer as well as give light for others to see and approach the saving grace of Christ.

Unfortunately, however, although some claim to be Believers and expectedly had a deposit of the light at the point of their believing, rather than their deeds to portray the light, it is evil spoken of and does not represent Christ in any manner. For such, the light in them has become darkness and is of no positive use to Christ and His Kingdom. Many assume the place of grace is to absolve man of sin past and present. How so wrong? It is the sin of the first Adam which in real sense is the one that caused the handing over of the control of the earth to the enemy that Christ came to redeem man from. Going against the precepts of God which are forever settled in heaven after having been shown the light is tantamount to causing the initial sacrifice of Christ to be a waste in the circumstance because God hates iniquity.

It is true that Christ having died for us is a standing advocate for every believer. He is however not so to give the believer the license to continue in iniquity for it is written, can we continue in sin and ask grace to abound? God forbids that. For as long as you are regenerated, you carry the light. If you enter into iniquity but realize yourself and repent, the advocacy of Christ avails for you. If not, you misrepresent Him and annoy Him in your ways in that the light in you has become darkness. Meanwhile the will and counsel of the Master is that your light be not darkness. Eschew all that lie of the devil about grace affording you to misbehave to your Creator. From today, please let your light so shine that you may be the true offspring of God.

Pray: Help me dear Lord that I may retain and shine your light eternally from now, in Jesus name.

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