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Jesus is coming again

Text: Acts 1:11b

this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.

Bible Reading:

Revelations 19:11-14


What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? This scripture, it will appear is not of concern to many believers. It supposes that all the gains of the world are nothing compared to the bliss in heaven and conversely is rather myopic when compared with the damnation of the soul in hell fire. Jesus came and gave us example of how life should be led. Any life that is lived outside the example of Christ is dishonoring Christ as the Master. The life of Christ on earth is an example of love. Aside the practical things He did, He taught it expressly for us to follow. One thing is still damning to one in people storing up unnecessary wealth to the detriment of their neighbors. The example of God is that a man eats only twice in a day when he is not fasting. This you find in the manna example as well as the feeding of Elijah by Cherith. Incidentally, in the manna example, if you stored up more than necessary it brought out worms and became useless to you. Why then are men storing up so much more than they can consume? Isn’t that a clear indication of a lack of trust in God the provider? Everyone you care for with the extra you have is a creature of God and you have succeeded in taking care of him for your God. The Bible is clear: Jesus is coming back in the same manner He was seen leaving but much more in greater glory and for judgment. Only those found righteous by Him shall be saved. The beauty of that is salvation is not based on human unrighteous and coax judgment. No one can bribe his way through. The time to act is now. Be righteous.


Father, I cherish your appearance and I do not want to miss out: help my in your love to remain righteous till the day of your appearing and forever in Jesus name.

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1 comentário

Bayo Ayanga
Bayo Ayanga
15 de nov. de 2020

Great teaching. May God help us to live not just in expectation of His hand, but also living in the knowledge and practice of His ways

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