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Joy unspeakable cometh

Memorize: 1Peter 1:8-9

8 Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory: 9 Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.

Read: Matthew 17:1-8

There is an event that awaits every Believer in Christ, a glorious one that none ought to miss. It is that moment when Christ shall appear to the saints and they see Him as He is. As of today, no one in this generation or any generation after His departure for that matter has seen Him. Man, by nature, seldom believes anything that cannot be proven “empirically”. So, even when Christ walked the face of the earth, one can imagine the extent of belief His followers had prior to the crucifixion, death and resurrection. Some saw Him just as one of the prophets, others as son of the carpenter, others yet as the carpenter and so forth. But, one day, He took three of His apostles to a mountain to pray and He was transfigured in their presence with the result that His face shone like the sun, apparently like the experience of Moses. The apostles that had never seen Him like that before were astonished, certainly and could not believe they had been relating with such a glorious person.

Today, many of us came to the knowledge of Christ just by hearing the gospel preached and the same finding faith in us. The faith is believing in an unseen Messiah and holding on to Him and His promises. Imagine therefore what it will be like when He appears to take us home and we are seeing Him for the first time full of glory and shining as light accompanied by innumerable company of angels. Imagine seeing ourselves being transformed to be like Him, shedding this weighty body and taking on a celestial one like His instead. Whao! What a glorious day that will be.

All that will partake of it are going to experience some joy that is unspeakable and indescribable. But all those who will not acknowledge Him as Lord because they cannot see Him right now will miss out. They will see the glory with their eyes but will not partake of it. There is still room for repentance since He is yet to come. Once He comes, the door of mercy would have been shut. Don’t delay your salvation any further so that you also may experience joy unspeakable.


Father Lord, don’t let me miss the joy of the resurrection morning of the saints. Please keep me in you to the very end by your mercy in Jesus name.

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