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Judgment is near

Key verse: Psalms 96:13

Before the LORD: for he cometh, for he cometh to judge the earth: he shall judge the world with righteousness, and the people with his truth.

Read: Psalms 96:9-13

When God created man, He placed man in charge of every other creature. At the time, all was good on earth under the reign of the glorious man. When man fell however, there was a shift in the character of the creatures. The corruption of man was brought to bear in the affairs of the creatures. Everything is now so lopsided that common creatures are angry with man who has brought them under the yoke and bondage of the evil one by surrendering control to him.

The work of salvation is meant to restore man to his initial glorious position. But man is far from it in that even those who initially believed the works of salvation remain babes, not understanding the full purport and intent of the Most-High, thereby allowing things to continue unabated as if there is no shift in the spirit realm. No wonder scripture says the earnest expectation of the creatures await the manifestation of the sons of God. The sons of God are those who have attained the fullness of the stature of Christ. They have capacity, like Adam before the fall, to take charge of the realms of the earth. Alas! Where are they? Imagine that the creatures up till now are groaning to the hearing of their Creator, how the bondage in which man has left them is excruciating. God is the God of all. Because of the cry of the creatures, if not for anything at all, He must come to free the world. That is only done through righteous judgment.

God is coming to judge, in truth, how we have dealt with that which He committed into our hands. Have you truly taken charge of the earth to repel darkness for the light of God to shine on the creatures? He is coming to judge that. It is not enough for you to live morally, No. it is important that you become free from the bondage brought about by Adam and develop yourself by the Holy Spirit to becoming a son of God with capacity to speak with the sword of fire and take charge of your immediate environment at the least. If you are not doing that, you are failing the creatures and therefore God. He will judge that too. Rest assured, judgment is coming for God to restore the earth and give respite to the creatures. Everyone that has failed in the assignment will have themselves to blame.

Pray: Father, please open my eyes to appreciate fully the extent of your expectation of me that I may not fail you and therefore be able to receive righteous judgment and truth in the name of Jesus Christ.

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