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Knowledge of God Multiplies Grace And Peace

Focus: 2 Peter 1:2 - KJV

2. Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,

Daniel 11:32

God is a Being that must be sought after. Seeking after Him is the way to become knowledgeable about Him. There is a way to acquiring the knowledge of the person of God. It is through Christ Jesus. A time was when Elisha received power from God without quite knowing the One who empowered him. Elisha’s first move was to use the same power against God. Once, Saul of Tarsus thought he knew God, having studied and mastered the laws and tenets of Moses. Alas, all he did with the vain knowledge he carried then was to persecute God. But when his knowledge of God increased after he met with Christ and was given a greater insight about God, he became an instrument in the hands of God. Even Elisha did not remain the same when he acquired knowledge. When real enemies confronted him, he had rather preserve them than kill them. The mind of God is for us all to know Him and live. Not knowing Him exposes us to destruction which is why the Bible shows His lamentation when He said my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Of course, when we do know our God, we shall be strong and do exploits. Exploits are so possible because when we do know God, we have greater confidence and peace; and His grace is multiplied upon us to perform wonders. The more we know, the greater the grace and peace. Just recall the siege of the Syrian army against Elisha and the peace he exhibited notwithstanding. Or, Paul’s position after Agabus revealed he was going to Jerusalem to die.

Beloved, the reason the Christian community is still full of fear and manifesting same in the face of the turmoil in the world is for the lack of knowledge of the true God. Have you heard of believers stilling storms and turning situations around without much ado before? They are them that do know their God. But do you know? God is not partial. What He did through them, He is willing to do through you and much more if only you will take time to seek Him out and know Him. Bear in mind, when you know Him, the enemy will constantly come bragging at you just so that you may deny Him. But His place in you is to assert your authority over the enemy knowing whom you have believed.

SOLUTION: Seek the Lord through the lens of Jesus Christ. Learn to show yourself approved unto Him. How? Please take the Gospels up and start learning about Christ by the help of the Holy Spirit and He will show you God. The knowledge you acquire translates to grace and peace in you. You may then read about the Apostles and latter-day saints’ instructions to thrive in holiness.

Father, thank you for the bit we know about you and the grace we have in you by it. Please reveal yourself to us the more by your Spirit that we may acquire greater grace and peace in life in Jesus’ name. For every user of this Guide, please open our hearts to the knowledge of you the more in Jesus’ name. By the grace we find in you, put the enemy to flight at the sound of our voice, always, in Jesus’ name. We receive today therefore, greater grace to still storms in Jesus’ mighty name.

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