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Knowledge of God’s glory

Text: Habakkuk 2:14

For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

Bible passage:

Psalms 19:1-11


God is a Spirit full of splendor and glory. His glory is manifest in every of His deeds. Unfortunately, the hearts of men are so seared by the enemy through deception and lies that make men theorize about everything that God made and ascribe the doings to things that do not exist giving it the term nature. The most deceived who are called scientists have started to discover the truth of the Word of God as contained in scriptures. The Bible speaks about Joshua commanding the sun and the moon to stand still for the army of God to fight in battle and it happened. Scientists themselves have soon found that in the span of human existence there appears to be missing a span of about a day and some hours. The Lord has spoken and it shall surely come to pass that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord. There is not denying it. His glory fills the earth and the firmament and all. It takes a discerning heart to see it and acknowledge it. Are you still being deceived about your existence and that of other beings? It is time to get real. Those good things that had happened to you are orchestrated by God. Those escapes you had are made to be by Him for His thought towards you are of good and not of evil. Unless you acknowledge the glory of God how are you able to bring the knowledge of same to others. He is the one that woke you up today by the way. Let the knowledge of His glory fill the earth through you like the waters cover the sea. Preach the gospel to others. Let them know.

Prayer Guide:

Lord, please help me to recognize your glory more in your deeds that I may fulfill your calling by bringing others to the knowledge thereof in the name of Jesus Christ.

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