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Let God Arise

Key verse: Psalms 68:1

Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him.

2 Kings 7:3-7

God works in mysterious ways. By His awesomeness, He needs not arise from His throne in Heaven to cause things to happen on earth. If euphemistically He is described as one who sits on a throne in Heaven with the earth as His footstool, it suggests if He stamps His foot while sitting, a havoc can happen. Perhaps all that was necessary in causing an earthquake in the prison for Paul and Silas to be free was to tap a foot to the rhythm of their praise that night. When He must arise for a matter, greater trouble follows for those who are in an opposing camp to His. Without rising, He parted the Red Sea with the breath of His nostril. He stamped a foot and so many people were buried alive in the wilderness.

God seldom arises for no reason. But because of His love for those who love Him, He is compelled to arise against those who do not particularly when they appear to be troubling those who love Him. A whole Syrian army that laid a siege against Israel heard a noise and it sounded like the movement of many kings and their combined armies, not at the footsteps of four lepers but at the sound of God just arising. The noise was so intense that they left the camp without taking anything. It is a fearful thing to fall into hands of this God. Many enjoy the grace of His being on their side in battle. If they make the mistake of switching camp, they end up becoming feeble and defeated. Ask Saul after losing his anointing. Ask Joshua when Achan took the forbidden thing.

God can arise for you also. When He does, all your enemies will take to flight; those who don’t will be destroyed completely. But you need first to become a lover of God. It is the prerequisite to having Him yield to your call and cry. If you will do so today, the Lord may just as well arise for your sake and that age long tormentor of yours will shake out of his hiding. Once a young lad had a misunderstanding with his boss and reported the matter to God in prayer. The following day, the boss came begging that the young lad should please forgive him. It is not voodoo; it is the hand of God he saw that made him surrender. If you equally want to see the hands of God supporting you in battle, switch to His side today and leave your battles to Him. He will take care of the rest.

Pray: Father, I do love you. Please arise for me today and put my enemies who are equally your enemies to flight forever in the name of Jesus Christ.

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