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Life Eternal

Key verse: John 17:3

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

John 17:18-26

God dwells in eternity. He is not bound in time. No wonder He is the Alpha and the Omega; the Beginning and the Ending. By this attribute, He knows all things in all the times that exist within eternity. Nothing is hidden from His presence. As God is eternal, it is possible for man to be eternal too, based on the Word of God. Since God is eternal, when we know Him truly, then we can also start to live eternally. We cannot claim to know God if we do not know His Word and Jesus Christ is the Word of God. Hence, life eternal is in knowing God and Christ whom He sent to reveal the truth of Himself to us. Knowing Him is acting also on His word not to be conformed with the world as we are not of the world, but to take our place as citizens of the kingdom such that though we live in the world, since we are positioned in Christ and the father, we become one and therefore be translated to the place where Christ is glorified, eternally.

The subject of life eternal can be better buttressed with the experience on the Mount of Transfiguration. Christ had taught and revealed God to His disciples telling them He was from God and how He must return to God. Then Christ entered the eternal realm to converse with Moses and Elijah. Once the meeting was over, the disciples asked to build three tabernacles for the participants, identifying them by name without any of the actors having to identify himself. But Moses and Elijah lived at a time when there apparently was no photography and ages before Christ came. Who then identified them to the disciples? It is that there is nothing hidden in eternity: we will recognize ourselves by name no matter the age in time we lived. The fact that Christ had revealed Himself and God to them, gave the disciples the entrance into life eternal.

We can have life eternal. That is what Christ came to offer us. We don’t get it merely by claiming to be born again and not understanding what it means. After Saul became born again as Paul, he went through so much for the Kingdom, yet he still sought to know Christ and the power of His resurrection. Therein lies the knowledge of who God is and what He has done for our redemption. Therein lies life eternal. Seek to know God intimately and you have it all.

Pray: Father, let me know more of you that I may live by you in Jesus name.

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